Unlike a lot of other attorneys, we’re more than prepared to go to court. We have decades worth of trial experience that we’ll put to work for you. So do yourself a favor, and do your insurance adjuster a disservice, hire Avera & Smith.

What’s Motivating Your Insurance Adjuster?

Learn the six things your insurance adjuster doesn’t want you to know.

A Few Good Reasons to
Hire Avera & Smith

You think winning is a good thing and big insurance companies should be put in their place.

You prefer getting more over getting less, and you prefer insurance adjusters be taught a lesson.

You want a tough as nails, trial-savvy lawyer by your side, who will go to court to get what you deserve.

You’d rather not get screwed over by insurance companies

Going to court. We love it. They hate it.

Here’s how it works: Insurance companies often settle law suits out of court for much less versus the amount they’d paid if they were taken to trial. Meaning you would receive much, much less. Avera & Smith’s attorneys live for court. We know the process and procedures like the back of our brief cases. That scares big insurance companies. And if they’re scared, you’re in a much better position to get the most you deserve.

Who is Avera & Smith?

Mark Avera

Highly experienced, personal injury lawyer who began his career as a sheriff’s deputy. He’s been to court more times than he can count. He knows everything there is to know. He especially knows insurance companies can’t stand his guts.

Rod Smith

Successful former state prosecutor and state legislator. Currently he is the Smith in Avera & Smith. One thing Rod isn’t afraid of is going to court. Come to think of it, there isn’t really anything he’s afraid of.

Lance Avera

Brother of Mark and attorney focused on Workers Compensation. When he’s not in court taking insurance companies to the cleaners, Lance can be found enjoying the outdoors. Insurance adjusters are hoping he stays outdoors permanently. Fat chance.

Dawn Vallejos-Nichols

Partner and Avera & Smith Attorney for 23 years, Dawn is dedicated to making sure you get what you deserve. Of course, to Dawn, that means getting a jury to award you lots of money from an insurance company.


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